Technical and methodological guide for updating corine land cover database

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(image courtesy of JRC) Leaf Area Index (LAI)(ECV) For a given unit area, the LAI is defined as the ratio of upper leaf surface area to ground area, in the case of broadleaf canopies, and as projected conifer needle surface area to ground area in the case of coniferous plants.As LAI directly characterises canopy structure, it appears to be a good predictor of primary productivity and crop growth.

technical and methodological guide for updating corine land cover database-15

FAPAR - Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation (ECV) In order to monitor the state and evolution of terrestrial vegetation cover, OLCI acquires multi-spectral imagery of the Earth.

Other approaches are used (automatic pixel-wise) as digital classification of the same type of pictures creating national land cover maps .

However, these approaches are costly and time-consuming, especially if applied at a European scale, as they use high spatial resolution images.

This map is based on Envisat MERIS fine resolution (300 m) mode data.

Presently, GLOBCOVER 2009 is considered as the most detailed and recent global land cover map available.

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