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But when you take a closer look at what’s going on in the world, you would also come to believe that not all women cherish their femininity. Women and men seem to have changed their social roles immensely, and it’s not that simple anymore.

Women perform jobs that were thought to be men only occupations, while men start working in women-only fields.

“We’re here to support Harvey Weinstein, the producer of movies, who is bullied for being a man,” the girls told a reporter in the Russian language.

“We came here to support the producer who offered women sex. We’re here to say that when a man offers women sex, it’s awesome.

Russian women are known for their beauty, Ukrainian women are thought to be housewifely, while American brides are considered to be friendly and open-minded.

Intermarriages are becoming more and more popular (see, there’s even a special word for that notion).

Travka and Rybka were also the stars of another scandalous video, in which one of the girls had sex with a man in the middle of Russian capital Moscow, with the other girl filming the public sex scene.

The video was circulating in the Russian and international media in September.

All these factors point out that women who are not spoilt by feministic slogans and do cherish their femininity are in high demand.

This is what makes Russian brides so unique – they can be both beautiful and feminine, and at the same time they can make you feel like a real man.

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