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Three months later we got married and two months after that he went to Vietnam. He seemed really nice and cute and had his shit together, trying to get his kids back, just like me. we’ll have a couple of drinks at the restaurant.” It was a Thursday and we never go out on Thursdays. And I had no idea who he was, I’d never seen him before, I just knew he was the one. Him: So our love story started when a mutual friend introduced us. He did come back, we were married for 39 years, he passed away five years ago. He’s in a program and I’m trying to get into a program, so we have a lot in common. So, I got up, and walked across the room, and looked at him and said “kiss me.” And he kissed me and that was five years ago and we’re now married. Her: Sparks flew Him: Sparks flew Her: But we lived in different places. She texts me and says, “Hey listen, I’m sorry, I just got out of a thing and I don’t think I wanna see anyone right now. I just got out of a serious relationship,” something along those lines. Him: Yeah, we took care of baby jack, 9 month old jack for a weekend. Him: That’s right, and improved upon it, hopefully. And lo and behold, years later, after some other ups and downs, which I can tell you about some other time, we are, in fact, still dating. and on January 11, 2014 we were engaged to be married. And here it is, February 3, 2016 and we’re working on our marriage.

Not that night but another night, she had already made plans with friends in that brief period of time.

And I saw this beautiful girl walking ahead of me and she walked into this coffee shop and I kept on going because I wanted to journal, I was sort of in a bad mood.

But after about five minutes of walking, it was cold out, it was dark, and I hadn’t found another good coffee shop, so I turned around to go back in where I saw she had entered.

And so I was at lunch with them and she was translating and we were laughing and generally just had a wonderful time.

And this one night, I was walking her back to her hotel, and it was late, it was about in the morning, the snow was coming down, the sun - not the sun - the light sort of beaming on us, it was perfect.

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