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If Int((y1 - YOffset) / Hot Dog Length) = Int((y2 - YOffset) / Hot Dog Length) Then Worksheets("Results").

The YOffset is first subtracted to normalise the data . The individual hotdog status as Red (touches a gridline) or Green (sits between gridlines)2.

Sorting Alphabetically Sorting by Last Name Community Q&A Microsoft Excel is a great tool for organizing your information.

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excel updating categories-46

I also needed the ability to rotate each hotdog individually.

But once I started I couldn't help myself and added the history and cumulative Pi value and variance from Pi as charts.

I also colored the hotdogs according to there location Red for Hotdogs that Crossed a grid line and Green Hotdogs for those that missed a gridline. Calculate Pi Of course this could all be done in memory. Displaying them will definitely slow down the process. Excel uses an orthogonal grid starting at 0,0 at the Top Left corner of the A1 Cell.

This allows for space above/below for inputs, controls and stats. But in Excel 2010 using a standard Calibri Font, I could only get an odd 49.5 pts Row Spacing (66 pixels).

Close enough and I can use that as a variable in VBA when I check the hotdogs location, more on this later.

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