Discreet adult deviants

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Occasionally an adjudicator’s decision can be arbitrary or capricious.

Fortunately every security clearance applicant has a right to appeal an adverse decision to a Personnel Security Appeal Board (PSAB).

That person may choose to hold a particular religious belief, sexual preference or even use drugs or drink alcohol when this does not fit the standard practices of that setting.If the evidence did not support the decision and/or sufficient weight was not given to the applicant’s mitigating evidence, the applicant may be successful in having the decision reversed by a PSAB. PABs affirm clearance denials in a large majority of appeals.Deviance is defined as non-conformity to social, cultural or behavioral norms.This included sodomy, heterosexual promiscuity, wife-swapping, transvestism, transsexualism, and aberrant, deviant, or bizarre sexual conduct. When assessing sexual behavior, adjudicators must first consider whether the behavior is relevant to a security clearance determination before they consider whether it is true.Today sexual behavior is relevant when it is compulsive, self-destructive, high-risk, or criminal; creates susceptibility to coercion; occurs in public; or shows poor judgment.

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