Dating a man who is recently divorced

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People often wonder about dating someone who is separated—not officially divorced. I have been separated for over a year, with young kids I have half the time. Read this email I received from a reader who is having problems in online dating because he is separated–not officially divorced.I wouldn’t hang in there and remain cool if you’re really not cool with the arrangements as they stand. I would not tell him you’re not comfortable with a friends with benefits relationship and then wait for his response (and hope he says he wants more of a relationship with you).

For those of you who don’t know what that is, she suggests that people must wait a year before dating again after the break-up of any long-term relationship. Bella, I don’t know if you remember the year after your divorce, but I can imagine it was not easy for you.If he says he wants you in his life, make sure it’s under circumstances that you agree to.Don’t give up your power to a man (or anyone), Bella.I have dated men who were married two or three times, and I always asked how long they waited between marriages. After my divorce, the last thing on my mind was dating.I waited two years before beginning my dating journey.

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