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In North America and Europe, a third more women than men are on campus.Latin America, the Caribbean as well as Central Asia also show high rates of female enrolments.Women outnumber men in worldwide university enrolments and graduation rates, according to UNESCO's 2009 Global Education Digest.The number of female students in tertiary education rose six-fold between 19 compared with a quadrupling of male enrolments during the same period.In a number of countries, at least two females graduate for every male.These countries include Bahrain, Barbados, Guyana, Latvia, Myanmar, Estonia, Uruguay, Qatar, Iceland, Panama, Lithuania and Hungary.Comment: Had a cute guy shine my boots this morning!Feels good to be a successful woman who has outdone most men.

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Saudi Arabia plans to launch the world's largest women's university in 2010.

It notes that women make up approximately 25% of the world's researchers.

The report said the under-representation of women in research activities could be traced back to education systems, particularly at the higher level.

It suggested that other aspects may inder women's access to the continuity and advancement in research positions such as stereotyping, work-life balance, labour market conditions, governance and the role of researchers in society.

The report called on decision-makers in the fields of higher education and science and technology policy not to ignore the gender dimension issue.

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